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We are two moms and two nannies. We are photographers, artists, musicians, educators, stylists and more. We’ve been on tour, we know the road, we value art, we value family.

We have created a nanny network specifically to fit the unique needs of traveling artists and musicians, as well as any parent who is looking for an artistic and open-minded caretaker for their child. Our nannies are people who have followed their own paths and excelled in their fields, have traveled and are deeply committed to focusing on your children as they learn about the world and who they are.

It’s important to feel like you can pursue your art or music or passion while still enjoying life as a family. It’s important to feel like your kids are well cared for when you are working and traveling. It’s important to find nannies who value the arts the way you do. Whatever your lifestyle or parenting priority is, we have a match for you.

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Meet the Team

Charter Nanny Erin Abbott Kirkpatrick

Erin Austen Abbott

Erin, from Mississippi, has been touring since 2002, with the likes of Ok Go, The Flaming Lips, Mates of State, race car driver Jeff Gordon and more.

With a BA in Early Childhood Education, before touring, she taught Montessori preschool while getting her masters in Photography.

When not on the road, Erin can be found running her store, Amelia in Oxford.

Charter Nanny Kori Gardner Hammel

Kori Gardner Hammel

Kori, from Connecticut, started the band Mates of State 14 years ago with her now husband, Jason Hammel, while still in school at the University of Kansas.

Before the band became a full time endeavor for Kori, she used her BS degree in Elementary Education to teach Montessori elementary school and then at a public charter school in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kori has two daughters that tour with the band full time.

CHarter Nanny Julia Knapp

Julia Knapp

Julia, from California, has worked as the Head of Wardrobe on Yo Gabba Gabba since the show first started in 2007.

Along with working on set, she also travels with YGG on the road, as well as the touring performance of Thomas the Train.

During the off season, she works as the regular travel nanny for the band, Mates of State and studies Reiki.

Charter Nanny Kristin Perry

Kristin Perry

Kristin, from upstate New York, studied Psychology and Philosophy at SUNY - Albany.

When not co-parenting her son Sammy, Kristin can be found stocking her vintage clothing shop on Etsy and working as a teaching aide at a Waldorf school for children with special needs in Philadelphia, PA.

Kristin is also the go to at chARTer nannies for all resumes and the like.