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A travel nanny agency focusing on bringing creative, experienced childcare on the road for bands, actors, writers, artists. This nanny network is created specifically to fit the unique needs of traveling artists and musicians. Our nannies are people who have followed their own paths and excelled in their fields, and are deeply committed to focusing on your children as they learn about the world and who they are.

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The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips

Mates of State

Mates of State

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Our first nanny was from a traditional nanny agency. We explained the lifestyle to her, and she said she was up for the adventure, but it turns out that she had been a little bit unrealistically optimistic. After about three months she said, ‘You know, I just can’t do this any more,’ and really left us a bit in the lurch, for her to quit suddenly and unexpectedly.” The mother of a Vamos student stepped in and traveled with them for five months, while they found a new nanny. They ultimately found one through an agency especially for musicians, called ChARTer Nannies.

It’s a great idea because there’s a self-selection that goes on – nobody is going to sign up with the agency unless they are actually looking to live that lifestyle, which is a lot different from somebody who reluctantly agrees to try it,” Rachel said. “These are young ladies who love traveling, love music and are not put off by the flexibility and unpredictability of a schedule where the flight might be late, then we have dinner with the conductors and the donors at 11 p.m., then a 7 a.m. radio show the next day — it can be very, very intense.

Rachel Barton Pine
The Flaming Lips are big fans of Charter Nannies

The most difficult part of being in a successful touring rock band is having to leave my family to travel and play shows. Charter Nannies made it possible for me to bring my wife and 2 small children on the road with me and The Flaming Lips. Not only did our nanny make it easier, she really made it fun for my 2 kiddos. She turned every day into a learning adventure, and at this point, we actually consider her to be part of our family. She’s loving, completely responsible, fun, sweet and all the things you want in a person caring for your children. I recommend Charter Nannies with the highest possible praise. The kids, my wife and I absolutely love her!